Following is a letter from one of our woman vet graduates:

Since I was Blessed to be able to attend the “Project Welcome Home Troops” seminar ,I have noticed a lot of positive changes within myself. First and most important for me and the quality of my life, I have had deeper, more restful sleep. When I used to only be able to sleep for maybe an hour and then wake with a startle or sleep so light that I was tired when I woke up, this is a huge improvement. I also have a happier outlook towards my life and my future. I am more tolerant of people just being people. I feel better. I feel less vulnerable. However, the most impressive thing is the change in my husbands’ reaction towards me and his outlook on his life. He has noticed a huge change in me. So much of a positive change, in fact, that he is now anxious to attend the next seminar.  He saw the change in me, daily, as I attended the Power Breath workshop. He sees the continued change in me. He sees the building inner peace and look of love in my eyes. He sees the change and wants that change in himself. He struggles with PTS as well, and his daily life is, well, difficult at best. We have both been helped by this power breathing, immeasurably. Thank you is not a powerful enough term for the changes you have initiated within our circle.


May All Saints of All Religions Bless you.



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